‘Folded Tones’ by Enoch Liew

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Enoch Liew for winning GOLD in the Object category of the 2013 South Australian Design Awards for his rug 'Folded Tones' which he designed as part of our annual ege DIA/NAG rug competition!

'Folded Tones' designed by Adelaide's Enoch Liew was awarded first place in the 2013 ege DIA/NAG Rug Design Competition and won Gold in the Design Institute of Australia (DIA) SA Awards 2013.

From above or far away, the rug resembles a folded sheet. However, while sitting or lying on it, the illusion of the folds may not be perceptible. This lead to the use of simple repetitive lines that can be enjoyed as an abstract pattern up close, allowing for a varied experience from different distances.

Three-dimensionality and the illusion of depth were achieved with just three colours. It was a conscious effort to limit the number of colours for adaptability and flexibility. The variety of tones and depth of the rug is dependent on the width and density of the stripes, rather than a large palette of colours that may jar with a particular space.

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