Wool vs Nylon

Terrace Floors prides itself on its premium selections that offer luxurious or practical solutions for diverse settings and environments.

Wool carpet conveys natural beauty, softness and warmth whilst providing unique structure that not only performs better but looks better for longer.

Because wool is a natural fibre, it is low in toxins and minimises odours, making it perfect for those who are allergen sensitive and living environment conscious. Wool absorbs moisture and regulates humidity in both cool and warm climates. Amongst wools appealing texture and aesthetic appeal, it also acts as a stain resister due to the natural crimp and scaly structure, repelling most liquids and allowing for easier cleaning and easier living.

Wool's unique crimp structure means the carpet naturally bounces back and won't matt and flatten like some synthetic carpets.

Although Terrace Floors has a strong focus on wool, we also recognise situations that require the resilience of high-grade Nylon, particularly in commercial applications.