We're so sorry that you're having trouble with an item purchased through us, however rest assured that we pride ourselves on customer service and want to help rectify any issue that arises.


In order to best help you, we ask that you email us at and include the following information:

  • Your full name, the product and order number in the subject line
  • A description of the product and the fault in question
  • It's super helpful for us if you can attach atleast 4 photos of the damage/fault - 6 photos is ideal, so the more photos, the better! Some examples of what photos are required: a close up, a different angled close up, a wide-area image, and a context/location image, for example, a photo of the entire rug/dining chair/table, etc.
  • To best be able to resolve the issue, we need as much information as possible - Please ensure you do a thorough inspection of the entire item to make sure there isn't more than one fault with the product
  • Your best contact details


With this information, we'll investigate and get back to you as soon as possible with some possible options for resolution.

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