Terrace is the proud stockist of some beautiful boutique brands of quality bedding, homewares & decor from around the globe.

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  1. Benji Lamp
    Benji Lamp
    From $295.00
  2. Easton Axel Desk Lamp
    Easton Axel Desk Lamp
    From $245.00
  3. Easton Canopy Table Lamp
    Easton Canopy Table Lamp
    From $405.00
  4. Easton Dome Table Lamp
    Easton Dome Table Lamp
    From $335.00
  5. Easton Orb Table Lamp
    Easton Orb Table Lamp
    From $310.00
  6. Granada Dome Pendant
    Granada Dome Pendant
    From $880.00
  7. Sadie Woven Pendant
    Sadie Woven Pendant
    From $705.00
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