Rug Cleaning + Care

The following is a guide to retaining the beauty of your rug.

All woollen rugs shed and have a “settling down” period which will be hastened by regular vacuuming

To ensure the longevity of your rug, please vacuum your rug regularly. Shedding of loose fibres will occur with a new rug. We do not recommend using rotating or brush head vacuum cleaners on our rugs if possible.

Use caution if you use a robotic vacuum in your home. Longer length pile and tassels can become entangled in the vacuum and may cause damage to your rug or device. We recommend keeping this in mind when programming your device.

Vacuuming regularly and thoroughly with a good quality vacuum cleaner will go a long way to retaining the appearance of your rug. Vacuum at least once a week to remove soil and dirt before it becomes embedded in the base of the carpet.

Even with regular vacuuming and careful use, you may find dirt and debris will build up on your rug. It is possible to refresh your rug with gentle treatment or professional rug cleaning. You can contact us for a list of recommended carpet cleaning professionals if you would like more information about a service.

Reduce bacteria build-up with sunlight. Every few months, turn your rug over and place it in the sun for an hour. Vacuum the back of your rug before repositioning.

Keep rugs dry and out of dark places, such as tucked tightly under lounge suites or furniture.

Clean hard floors regularly with microfibre mops and water only (no detergents), or use a steam mop if appropriate. Detergent and soap residues can become sticky and collect other dirt, which is then walked onto your rug. By keeping your hard floors clean, your rug will stay cleaner for longer.

Move rugs a few centimetres every month to soften any fading on carpet or timber floors underneath. When the rugs are eventually moved from the room, the fading on the floor will be graduated and less noticeable.

Stains are best prevented by acting quickly when spills occur. Blot liquids with paper towel or absorbent cloth. For water-based stains that require more than diluting the spill with minimal water and blotting, use a weak solution of mild detergent (eg wool-care) or carpet shampoo. Be sure to “rinse” out the detergent with water – blotting up all excess liquid once the stain has been removed. Do not rub or saturate the rug.

For oily or greasy stains use a dry-cleaning solvent, methylated spirits and/or aerosol carpet stain remover for greasy stains.

For unusual stains and spills we recommend contacting a professional cleaner.

Highly-coloured products, such as paint, nail polish, shoe polish, lipstick and glue, will not respond to these simple treatments. We advise you not to treat these spills yourself, as doing so may create a larger or permanent stain. These types of spills are best treated by a professional WoolSafe Approved Rug Cleaner. Red cordial and other coloured drinks contain food colouring. Food colouring is an acid dye that is also used to dye wool and nylon fibres. Putting detergent on this will simply carry it into the fibres of your rug faster and set the stain. If after treating with water the dye stains persist, contact us for a professional WoolSafe Approved Rug Cleaner.

Carpets and rugs are very forgiving floor coverings and can be significantly soiled long before any soiling is visibly apparent.  Regular and thorough vacuuming combined with periodic professional cleaning (every one to two years) will extend your rug's life.

When you can see that your rug needs cleaning, you have waited too long.

Washing rugs (every four or five years) brightens colours and fringes while the dusting prevents permanent pile damage and ensures the attractive long life of your investment.

We carry a range of cleaning products instore. Please contact us and we'd be more than happy to assist you with further advice for cleaning and care of your carpet or rugs.

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